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General and surprising competence porn

I've been thinking about what Likewise: Dinner party was really about for me as a director. Two new pieces of interesting came into my inbox this week, and they relate to this. The first is the concept of insights being a combination of general and surprising. I think this is the essence of improv that I love to watch: it's true because it's general. It's funny because it's surprising. Even for the players. You can read this article here . Secondly I read a review of Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut film, and they mentioned competence porn . It's all about smart people doing smart things. And that's what dinner party is about. We've finished our run at the Fringe and I'm really grateful to have had such a splendidly competent cast. May our "porn" career be long. Let's see what general and surprising stuff we'll cook up for next time!

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