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Thanks for improvising. May 2016 bring your heart's desire!

March 2 2016

  • at 7:30 the Likewise Players (Cindy Tonkin, Dave Tieck, Kate O'Keeffe, Amanda Lifford)
  • at 8:30 Stuff and Nonsense an open on-stage jam featuring all of the players in Sydney! If you want some stage time then get the details here.

March 9 2016 - the Final

  • Guest: Anna Renzenbrink (Melbourne)
  • Guest: Caspar Scheljbred (Paris)
  • Guest: John Knowles
  • Linda Calgaro
  • Likewise Players: Cindy Tonkin, Amanda Lifford, Dave Tieck, Kate O'Keeffe

Likewise finishes 9 March 2016.

It's been fun playing with you!

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