What's Spontaneous Theatre

What is spontaneous theatre?
It's Improv, actually.
A cousin to Theatresports, Whose Line is it Anyway and Thank God You're Here.
A daughter of Theatre.
No relation to stand up really at all, although they wish it were so.
Spontaneous Theatre is not just funny. But it can be.

We'll use as our stimulus a word, a poem, a book, a photo or even an object.
We'll never ask you for more than one word, and we'll take it away and make wonderful things with it.
You can sit back in the dark and watch what happens.
You'll see the word become something themic or epic or just plain true.
And after the show, if you so desire, you can talk to us about where the ideas came from or morphed to. We always love to hear where you thought the story was going!

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Buy tickets for our Sydney Fringe Comedy show on Sept 4 or 5, 2017 by searching "likewise" here.
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Photos: Lucas Brown, Jon Mann, Cindy Tonkin.
Photos on this page are from shows by the A-train, Jason Chin Project II, Swarm, and Likewise. 

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