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Oh wow, there is excitement here at Likewise: Dinner party.
We have a venue: The Cottage at 48 Kensington Street, Chippendale.
We have a date: 4 and 5 September 2017 at 7:30pm for 1 hour.
We have tickets - buy yours now.

We're ready for you to come and see us soon

We have been jamming to create a lovely improvised show.
Here is a picture*. The drinks are not improvised.

To improvise you a real, true, emotionally satisfying show, we have been mining what friendships means, why we stick with friends even when it's tough, how friendships grow (or wither). And forming friendships ourselves.
Did you know that in the 80's 65% of people had at least 3 close friends to talk to about their problems. And that in 2004 that figure had shrunk to only 37%?
But here's the saddest one: 10% of people in 1984 had no one to talk to about their problems. 25% of people were in that lonely boat in 2004.

Let's bring back friendship!

So we want to bring back friendship.
We want you to remember how cool it is to have friends who stand by you.
We're theming our show that way!

Go search "likewise" and buy your tickets here!

* This picture is missing Jeff Messina and Anna Renzenbrink, but the show will include them!

Pictures by Cindy Tonkin
Top picture from left: Naomi Mourra, Stu Dowling, Megs Skillicorn, Lewis Scamozzi, Alistair Magee, Nishita Merchant
Bottom picture: Lewis Scamozzi in reflection, and Megs Skillicorn reflecting.

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