The final likewise - really!

Likewise is finishing up on 9 March 2016, with an international inter-city cast. Anna Renzenbrink from Melbourne will be playing, along with Caspar Schjelbred from Paris/Denmark, Linda Calgaro, me, Dave Tieck, John Knowles and maybe a few more.
In the 3 years since Likewise began, monthly in 2013 at the Roxbury Hotel, and then weekly in 2014, 2015 and 2016, lots has changed in the Sydney improvisation landscape.
In 2013 there were maybe 3 active long form troupes in town. Full Body Contact No Love Tennis was the only long form show in town and it had a limited cast and a particular young demographic.
In November 2015 Likewise hosted 8 active long form troupes (and had applications from 4 more: all different form the original 3 troupes).
I wanted with Likewise to make improvised comedy for "grown ups" - people over 30. I wanted to make cultural allusions that others understood. And to understand the ones my fellow players made.
I wanted to improvise scenes that were true to life from people who had experienced it: marriages, weddings, funerals, baptisms, death and grief and love.
I think we did that.
Who knows that the next incarnation will be?
Until we meet again. Keep improvising.

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