Stuff and nonsense

So far in the 3 years likewise has been around it has been a carefully curated show. I've chosen players with various biases.
Make way for Stuff and Nonsense!
Stuff and nonsense has two components. Firstly a curated section of people who i love to see play.  Then open jams on stage. This means players of any experience can join in. You'll see super expertise and you'll see people who have never stepped on stage before.
You can just watch (we always love audience) or you can put your name into the hat to try it too.
To watch turn up at 730 for the show. You'll see the new talent do their level best. It will be funny because by its nature improvisation is unexpected. And that makes you laugh. And some of it will be great!
To play register at 7:20.
There'll be a short show first then the jam will begin!
Here's the new poster for the season.
Look forward to seeing you then.

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