See you next year!

So Likewise is over for 2015.
The final night was hilarious: 14 Improvisers (8 women! yay! Women improvising!).
Lots of laughter.
Heaps of pizza, craft beer and fraternising.
We'll be back on January 13, 2015
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Watching improv expands your brain, makes you think, laugh and sometimes even go "AWHHH".
If you haven't done it yet, try something new in 2016!

Likewise aims at an audience over 30: I can't say it's always sophisticated, but I can say if you're over 30 you'll get the cultural references. And we don't pick on our audiences: At the worst we ask for a single word. At best you get to relax in the dark and come on a journey with us!
We'll welcome you with open arms

Likewise is on Wednesdays at the Hive Bar, 93 Erskineville Road, Erskineville
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