Behind the curtain: How do you get into the cast?

What we know about improvising is that it's so cool that you're unlikely to be in the audience for long before you want to try it.
Here is how I cast (today!).
I give preference to those who

  • have completed some long form training (the more, the better)*
  • actively rehearsing with a troupe or at drop in classes 
  • are improv junkies 
  • are women 
  • have lived more than 30 years
  • support the show and the improv community
  • return emails, facebook messages and texts
  • turn up to rehearsals 
  • show up to shows on time
  • I like.
I am constantly juggling my priorities with casting because I long to be fair, and I also know that the fairest thing I can do to in providing a space for improvisers to play is be happy doing it. So that's why I've added the last criteria!

I dearly want to support improvisers in Sydney, and I dearly want to see and play in excellent improvised scenes. I appreciate all those of you who want to play and who love improv like I love improvising!
I'm very happy to talk to you about how you can become part of the cast. Come see the show and we'll chat!

*For your information, Sydney schools that teach long form include

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