Why my cast is "old"

I've been improvising and watching improvised shows in Sydney (and around the world) for 15 years.
Over that time two big issues have sprung out at me:
1. The shows are aimed at university aged comedy palates
2. There aren't many women

So when I started Likewise in 2014 I decided to change that.
I make improvisation for grown ups (over 30's), and I aim to have more women on stage.

It's swimming against the tide, since for the last 15 years most of the players are men, and many people start improvising when they're young. So some weeks I don't make my ideal.
But every week the players are mostly over 30.

Who else gets a joke about dancing to Hall and Oates? Cassette tapes? Those weird little taffeta skirts we all wore in the 80's (sorry, way over 30 reference!).

So if you find that most comedy is making pop culture references to a world you don't inhabit (or a world inhabited by your children), but you're still hip enough to want to laugh, come see Likewise. Every Wednesday till Christmas 2015. Tickets here.

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