Skin Tight... and Casting now for Nov and Dec

In September and October Likewise has morphed to Richard Bennett and Pete Lead's Erskineville Tonight (and then that morphed into the name "Skin Tight" which comes from eliminating a heap of letters from the Erskineville Tonight).
It's still every Wednesday at the Hive Bar and true to the show's concept it's mostly improvised. But it adds in the daring element of actual REHEARSED content as well (and then an interview with that performer, which is very much improvised).
It's just the kind of intimate performance you expect from Likewise and friends, and especially in the Hive Bar, where everything is up close and personal.
So pop along and see it any Wed from now till end October.

Linette Voller, Linda Calgaro, Annie Wilson, "Lady Fingers"
improv troupe playing Erskineville Tonight Sept 2015.

If you're a potential cast member, then click here to apply to be cast for November and December.

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