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Our improvising friends in Melbourne made the Herald this week.
Sydney improv is going through a similar resurgence, again the improvised shows in the Sydney Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival are increasing with each year.
But you don't have to wait!
Come see us this Wednesday at the Roxbury, 182 St John's Rd, Glebe, 7:30.
Cindy Tonkin playing a sad queen, with her loyal servant, 
played by Jason Dunn Photo: Tony Starr
This season is a tribute to Jason Chin who trained many of the people mentioned in this article, and us. He died unexpectedly in January 2015. There are so many times in the past few months that I've wanted to share something with him that's happening in our show or the improv community. I miss him a lot.

Jason's improv is all about relationships and warmth. He'd be proud of Likewise at the moment!
And to make it work even better, the first half of our show is a "Truman Show". We invite a rookie (tonight 2 rookies!) to play with us. We make them the centre of our universe. You see them put through their paces. And it only happens once! That's the beauty of improvised theatre!

So come see it. You'll be glad you got out of the house and into the world of live entertainment! Tickets $10 at the door, or 2 for $10 online here.

Cindy Tonkin and Dave Tieck.
Measuring things.
Photo: Tony Starr

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