Likewise is back at the new Roxbury!

Last night's show featured 16 improvisers who played in a variety of styles.
From Dinosaur-suited Jurassic Parkour's Sam Jenkins and Rob Boddington and improvised a murder to Linda Calgaro and Hannah Harper who worked through their careers while buying a car. And then in the middle there was Luke Nowell and Andrew McNamara, mother and son on a bus. Jason Dunn and Tim Judge in an IT-inspired scene about upgrading your brain by kite-flying. Cindy Tonkin and Peter Lead played a couple in love at the end of the day.
Tony Starr and June Waldenberger broke up after a burglary. Dave Callan played an insufferable egotist and Marko Mustac left him. Again and again.
Andrew Wowk and Alison Brooker gave morning coffee a whole new meaning.
It was definitely one of those "had to be there" shows.
So come next week, and see a whole new set. We have more than 20 improvisers lined up to meet the challenge of creating entertainment at the drop of a hat.
And the Roxbury Hotel has just renovated. The new kitchen created some amazing lamb skewers for me last night!
There may only be 3 more weeks of this show, so get in now!!
Tickets here.
And here are our audience from last night... satisfied customers. For $5 a head if you buy online in advance, it's a deal that is cheaper than netflix, and it's REAL! $10 at the door.

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