How we play enriches creativity

This is why we improvise.
Because it feels good.
Because it tickles the brain.
Because it's like climbing a mental mountain and coming safely to the peak (only to find another peak just on the other side!).

I read with interest this post about how people play enriching their creativity.
We are who we hang with. Do you want to hang with reality TV, or would you rather have your brain tickled?

Come let us tickle your brain!
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Through till February 4 Likewise is Paris Pairs: 2 players matched for the night make something up for your enjoyment. Last week we had

  • The cheese guys
  • Fornicating like fish
  • Strange job offer 
  • The gambler's family
  • Two good christians and a camera
  • Two women and their Life's work
  • Military wedding
  • The Queen's ankles.
What happens next week you'll find out only if you're there! Buy your tix now: 2 for $10 online, or $10 at the door.

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