Where everybody knows your name

A cover of the theme song from Cheers keeps coming up on my ipod.
You wanna go where people know people are all the same
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.
That's my theme song for at Likewise in 2015.

Entertainment that relies on an audience.

Live entertainment is different to television. It's interactive. You can touch the performers. What happens on stage happens as a result of who and how you are in the audience.
Improvisation is even more a product of what the audience does and how they are than any other
form of live entertainment. It's real people.

Likewise is a community 

So Likewise is live entertainment. And it's a community.
A place where the cast can entertain an audience who want to be there. Where we weave stories and scenes out of nothing that reveal patterns in the way the world works, what we think about and who we are.
Likewise is unashamedly women-focused, for an audience 30+.
You'll see talented women on stage, being funny, being sad, entertaining you.
It's improvised, but it's not disorganised.
It's funny, but we care about our audience.
The cast have fun on stage but never the expense of the audience.
We enjoy what we do but we're not self-indulgent.
We're smart, but we're inclusive.
Our cast are well-trained but spontaneous improvisers.
Our audience are discerning, but friendly.
We're building a community but we're not a cult or a clique.
Wanna be a part of it?

Be in the audience

Help make the show happen

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