The Journey

Lyn Swinburne felt faceless and helpless when she went through her Breast Cancer journey. She wanted that to not happen to anyone again. That’s when she founded the Breast Cancer Network. You can read Lyn Swinburne’s story here.
At Likewise we like stories. And we love women. So we’re running a fund-raiser for the Breast Cancer Network this Christmas. Upstairs at the Roxbury Hotel, Glebe, 182 St John’s Road, Glebe. Thursday 18 December 2014 at 7:30pm. This show will surprise and delight you with its spontaneity, freshness, and the stories we bring to life on stage. It’s all improvised. It’s all talented, vibrant women.
We’d love to help BCNA help women and their families as they go through the Breast Cancer journey. Come support them with us and get a good show too!

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