Breast Cancer Network Fundraiser: Delicious unpredictability

Likewise's final show for 2014 is a fundraiser in support of the Breast Cancer Network Australia, who support people going through the ordeal of Breast Cancer.
Our show will be all women playing in pairs. The show has a delicious predictability because I've hand-picked women with great talent. And it has a delicious unpredictability because it's improvised: The women take the stage in pairs and they have ten minutes to make something up to entertain you!

The cast include:
  • Karena Thomas
  • Jessica Mallett
  • Erin Foy
  • Linda Calgaro
  • Karina Francis
  • Linette Voller
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Kate Louise
  • Tahlia Megan 
  • Charlotte Otton
  • Emma Leonard 
  • Prudence Vindin
  • Cindy Tonkin
  • Louise McManus
We'll raffle off a couple of gold passes to next year's Likewise shows, and you'll have the opportunity to donations at the door. Buy your tickets now, because this will sell out!

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