The Parlour Game Edition!

In June I have the pleasure of welconing an all-woman cast to Likewise.
Jess Mallett, Karena Thomas, Suz Mawer, Hayley Dinnison and Tat Garwood will grace our stage at the Roxbury! This is the first all-woman improv gig since I produced and directed the Pink Ladies in the Sydney Fringe in 2010.
This month we are also embracing a new format: we will use a game of Articulate (a word-based parlour game) to inspire our scenes. Come along and be in the audience so your answers can make our improvisation work even better!
Our audiences are always involved but never embarassed, so if you'd like to see something you've never seen before, rock up to the Roxbury, upstairs, 182 St John's Road, Glebe, NSW Australia. Show starts at 7:30 on June 19th 2014 and goes for one hour (so you can eat afterwards and chat with the cast in the bar).
Buy tickets here : 2 for $11.34, or at the door for $10 each.
Order before 7pm to get the $10 bistro specials (yum)

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