What makes a subject matter expert?

Likewise's Subject Matter Expert segment takes the best part of a good talk show (where you get insight into what it's like to be the celebrity who's speaking), and the best parts of an improv show (everything is fodder for ideas).
It's part of my job as Director of Likewise to find a new and interesting Subject Matter Expert every month.
In April 2014 Anna Field will reveal what it's like to run a successful business, work on several continents, give beauty tips to the rich and famous, talk about Nelson Mandela while giving a facial, be on television and who knows what else.
In May and June I have a few other experts lined up. They will be at the show in April to check it out, so rock and maybe meet them too.
So far I'm just going through my own address book and discovering my talented friends. In the near future you will get the opportunity to hear from authors, actors, film makers, business people, and emotional daredevils.
If you'd like to be interviewed, or better yet if you know someone you think would make an excellent subject matter expert, then please contact me using the form below.

The job of subject matter expert:
  • talk to the audience just like you would at a talk show - answer questions about your life
  • tell some stories about your life, experiences
  • sit back and enjoy what the improvisers do with your words and ideas (we can never predict)

The qualities of a subject matter expert:
  • an expert in something
  • a range of experiences 
  • able to put your ideas and life into words
  • not too "camera shy" - you'll be in front of a small and friendly audience, but you will have lights shining right into your eyes!

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