Anna Field's glorious stories

Curious to see something from the first show?
Improvisation traditionally doesn't translate well to screen, but here are some snippets to tempt you to come along to our show on Thursday May 15th 2014.

Watch bio-dad

My favourite scene from the evening was Bio-dad, featuring Oliver Burton, Hayley Dinnison and Pete Lead.

Love and Marriages

There was a theme of Love and Marriages. Features Cindy Tonkin, Pete Lead, then Richard Bennett and Hayley Dinnison.

Watch the hands

The important thing about this scene is Suz Mawer's commitment to her hands and what she does with them. Watch Is it a cow? Featuring Richard Bennett, Suz Mawer Hayley Dinnison as a cow expert.

The Long Walk Story

Anna Field told us beautiful stories from her travels.
This one is a story which will stop you in your tracks. It may require some perseverance with the sound, but it's worth listening through it.

 The women pick up the men

Anna told us stories about Korea. Here's what Hayley Dinnison and Oliver Burton did with it.

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